Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tools of the Jewelry Trade: Doming (dapping) Block

Have you ever wondered how jewelers get some amazing curved and domed shapes with their metal?  One way is to use what is know as a doming block or dapping block. Dapping basically means to dome metal.   Doming blocks come with various sized hemispheres and punches so you can adjust the the amount of curvature or dome metal of different sizes. Typically the metal is placed inside the block then the punch is placed on top and tapped with a hammer to achieve the desired dimension.  It takes a particular amount of force to get the metal to dome evenly without marring the surface.

Doming blocks come in both metal and wood. 

I use my dapping block to do all sorts of things, one of being my simple domed and textured disc necklaces.  In the case of these necklaces, the texture must be forged and the hole drilled before dapping:

Find more jewelry made with a doming block and other jewelry techniques at Valerie Tyler Designs and Valerie Tyler on Etsy

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