Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hiking and Nature Collections

We managed to get over ten miles of hiking in this weekend.  Over 5 yesterday and even 5 more today despite the 20 and below temperatures.  At one point today the cold was totally worth the beauty of the snowflakes as they drifted down so slowly, big and fluffy.
I added 3 more rocks to my collection (er..hoard, more like it) One I believe was even a rose quartz, cracked in half so I could see the structure. My husband had a good laugh at me once again adding 5-8 pounds to my walk with my pockets full of the big rocks.

I think at some point I need to make some art or at least a few lovely curio collections out of my nature finds.  Perhaps I'll put some up for sale or perhaps I'll just keep them myself.

I found a lovely artistic nature display collection via Martha Stewart--very inspirational!


What kind of things do you collect on hikes?  Please tell me in the comments below! 


  1. We love collecting smooth stones from the lakeshore, which we have a lot of here in Michigan! Can't wait to see how you display your finds :) Your jewelry is beautiful, by the way!

  2. Thanks Kate! Beach rocks are the best. I need to make a trip up to Lake Erie to snag some beach glass soon (well, when the snow thaws)