Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rock Love - Druzy, Geodes and more!

I must be in a rock hound state of mind this week.  I created a pinterest board today so I could collect all my favorite photos and links to amazing specimens, rock art, raw gemstone jewelry and rock ideas.  Basically imagine a pinterest board filled with geodes, agate slices, druzy and crystal---yum!

Come drool with me over pretty rocks at:

Do you have some pins I definitely need to check out or to add to my board? Please share your rock love, rock jewelry, rock items in the comments section below! 

This will most likely be a constantly growing board as I can never quite get enough of pretty sparkly things as evidenced by my goofy grin in this photo taken at the amazing Royal Ontario Museums collection of minerals (My poor husband had to spend quite a bit of time in that gallery!)

If you just want to check out my jewelry that has lots of raw gemstones and druzy by all means check it out at the Miscellanea Collection.

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