Thursday, March 14, 2013

Four Fingers Fundraiser - Helping out a fellow artist

As an artist, hands are VERY important.  Sometimes when my hands get a little achy from too much work, I wonder what will happen someday when I end up with arthritis.  I know so many artists for whom the health of their hands is paramount.

Recently Jonathon Perrodin, one half of the Perrodin Supply Company had the unthinkable happen:

February 22nd, Jonathan amputated his right index finger while working in their studio. In a moment, their lives changed. Now they are trying to figure out how to move forward with their business, but the damage to Jonathan's finger has resulted in loss of time, as well as huge medical bills.

Jonathon and Amber Perrodin

Artists have banded together to create a pop up shop called the Four Finger Fundraiser to sell items to help the Perrodins with their medical bills.  ALL the proceeds are being donated directly to them. 

I've donated a few pairs of my mixed metal hoops earrings, and there are so many other goodies you can snap up and know the entire proceeds are going to a good cause including other accessories, artwork, homegoods, calendars, bags and so much more.  

Visit the Four Finger Fundraiser today and  let your shopping go to a good cause. 

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