Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Garden Baby Shower

As an artist the love of design tends to find it's way into other aspects of your life as well.  I shared my party planning and event design for a garden themed baby shower on another blog I used to manage (which I've since shut down to focus solely on my main business) Due to it's popularity and the demand for it, I'm re-sharing it here though.

One of the essential parts I find in planning any party is to first determine a color scheme.  Sticking to a few colors really helps coordinate and entire party and keeps you focused when shopping for decor and more.  This baby girl party was centered around pink, but also had a refreshing teal color for contrast. Today I'm going to share how the outside areas were dressed up.  Though it was a garden party, we continued the theme indoors too and I'll be sharing those pictures soon.

The wreath was actually a garage sale find for $1 or $2 dressed up with pretty ribbons.  The mailbox was adorned with layers and layers of tissue paper, which actually got a touch of pink from extra trash bags from the party (yep, crafty!)  A package of balloons and a helium tank can be used to add pretty eye catching accents throughout the party. Printable "wishes for baby" and "advice to mom" cards were part of the festivities to involve the guests to share their wisdom and wishes. 

Keeping all the door prizes and game gifts to a similar color scheme make for a pretty gift basket!

Tables were covered in pink and teal.  Flower garlands (bought with a 40% off coupon) were used inside and out to add accent. 

A little closeup of the flower garland wrapped around the umbrella.  A simple way to dress up a table!
I visited a local discount store's seasonal garden sale to pick up various plants.  A bonus is that they can continue to be enjoyed even after the event.

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  1. Joyous to know about this baby shower party. Couple of months ago, I arranged a tea party with my family at a lovely event venue. Decorated venue with beautiful flowers and everyone liked these arrangements very much. We all had good time.