Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sharing Positive Affirmations and Mantras - FREE PRINTABLE

While sometimes I've made jewelry simply because certain shapes and forms just beckoned to be made into something tangible, I also create pieces to inspire people.  I actually created my affirmation bracelet series to literally provide affirmations and mantras that can be worn as daily reminders of inspiration.  Today I'm also sharing a FREE printable poster that you can hang on your wall, stick in your planner, or give away to someone to encourage them (for personal use only not for resale) that incorporates many of the affirmations you can find on my bracelet series.

The poster is a bit of a round up of a few of my favorite mantras including:

Joy, which can be elusive at times but really brings meaning to life!

Joy Cuff Bracelet, Valerie Tyler Designs

Magic, believing in which keeps life from being boring or ordinary

Magic Bracelet, Valerie Tyler Design

Probably one of the most important of all is love.  It strengthens individuals and strengthens others. 
Love Cuff Bracelet, Valerie Tyler Designs

To send or print your free poster you can right click the photo below and save file as an image.  It's sized to be an 8X10 but you can always print it out whatever size you like. 

This poster is FREE from Valerie Tyler Designs, though I ask you please do not mass produce, distribute or resell it for personal gain. It's for personal use or to give as a gift only. 

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